Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WebShields?

A: WebShields is a browser security tool that offers protection from malicious sites and identity threats while searching and surfing the Web. WebShields offers safe search, safe browsing, and anonymous browsing.

Q: Why does an On/ Off switch toggle now appear in my browser?

A: If you have successfully installed WebShields browser security tool, the On/Off toggle switch will appear in your browser. This allows you to turn WebShields’s protection on and off as you choose.

Q: What is WebShields Secure Search?

A: WebShields Secure Search is an extra layer of security between you and malicious websites. When you search the Internet with WebShields Secure Search, our search results will include clear risk indicators to alert you of potential danger before you click on them.

Q: What do the different colored bars next to my search results mean?

A: When you search with WebShields, different colored bars will appear next to your search results to indicate the threat and risk level of each site that appears in our search. All websites that appear in our search engine results are cross-checked against our extensive blacklist of dangerous sites. The bars indicate the following levels of risk:

Q: How do you generate your watch list or blacklist of threats?

A: WebShields compiles data from a variety of “suspicious sites” aggregators to create our ultimate blacklist of malicious threats. By not relying on a single source, we ensure that we have the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute threat list as possible.

Currently, WebShields’s blacklist consists of over 46,000 malicious sites. It grows hourly, with new malicious sites and dangerous threats being added nearly every minute.

Q: What is the difference between WebShields search engine and Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

A: WebShields’s search engine functions in the exact same manner as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Plus, WebShields offers the bonus of an added layer of protection that can keep you away from suspicious and harmful sites. While Google, Yahoo, or Bing do allow you to report bad sites, they do not offer you information upfront so that you can choose to avoid or use sites that have potential risk factors associated with them.

Q: Does WebShields store IP addresses and/ or other personally identifiable information?

A: If you utilize WebShields’s Anonymous Browsing feature, then your IP address or other personally identifiable information will not be stored. However, when you use WebShields’s search engine, WebShields does store your IP address, software and hardware information, and the page you request.

Q: Is WebShields compatible with my antivirus product?

A: Yes, WebShields is compatible with any antivirus product. It does not interfere with the normal functions of antivirus software. In fact, WebShields supplements the security that antivirus software provides.

Q: How do I remove WebShields?

A: We’re sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with WebShields. If you have any questions or concerns, we urge you to Contact Us before you remove WebShields.

If you still want to remove WebShields, please follow these Uninstall Instructions.

Q: What if I need additional help? Whom can I contact?

A: We’d love to hear from you! We welcome any feedback from our users to make our product better. If you have comments or concerns regarding website or the WebShields browser protection product, please contact via email at or visit our Contact Us page.